Early Morning Treasure Hunt

Wild Geraniums My red-handled garden loppers are a girl’s best friend despite the faded finish on one side and a desperate need for sharpening. I can say this with all the honesty of a dental hygienist whose working time is spent with tiny instruments named Montana Jack, Columbia, Gracey, and MX23. With all their intricate … Continue reading Early Morning Treasure Hunt

An Unexpected Covid Romance Part I

Valentine's Day can be a two-edged sword. Romantic movies are watched or avoided. Flowers, chocolates, jewels, and special dinners are done in appreciation and love or to meet obligatory expectations, or perhaps even rejected all together. Retailers jack prices into discomfort zones, adding more stress and unavailability on popular giant dipped strawberries and roses. Is … Continue reading An Unexpected Covid Romance Part I

April showers bring May flowers or is it April messings bring May blessings

I once resolved to quit the Sidetrack Sister Society but something kept pulling me back. I was off work from the dental office for six weeks of Covid-19 quarantine in March and April. It was a great time to delve into unfinished and even unstarted projects that had been pinging around in my brain like … Continue reading April showers bring May flowers or is it April messings bring May blessings

Grape Vines and their Good Friday Message

April 12, 2020   Easter Sunday Right now it is a Joyous Easter Morn! Halleluiah Christ is Risen! On Good Friday I was cleaning up the final grapevine clippings that Emily and I had thinned out the day before. Pushing one overloaded wheelbarrow of long unwieldy vines after another, I trudged back and forth from our … Continue reading Grape Vines and their Good Friday Message

An Easter Parable of Dusty the Cat

Dusty the Cat straggled into my dad’s life unexpectedly. He looked to be at death’s door.  A filthy coat of long matted blond hair hung on his boney frame and dull eyes peered from his sad face. Dad decided to keep Dusty and make him a shop cat if he lived. Little by little, with … Continue reading An Easter Parable of Dusty the Cat

My Christmas Message from a Stained Glass Window

Christmas arrives in North America just after the darkest day of the year in late December. The turning point when light begins increasing daily, slowly, minute by minute, is significant since Jesus Christ is the source of light, including spiritual enlightenment. Consider John 8:12 “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of … Continue reading My Christmas Message from a Stained Glass Window

Celebrating our 45th Anniversary with Fond Memories of a Kind Stranger

A 45th anniversary only comes around once in a lifetime, so I’ll celebrate by sharing an unforgettable blessing we had on our honeymoon back in 1974. Our wedding was July 27that Christ Episcopal Church in Douglas, Wyoming, the picturesque steepled white church on the corner of 4thand Center at the only stop light in town. I’m … Continue reading Celebrating our 45th Anniversary with Fond Memories of a Kind Stranger

Measured and Immeasurablity Part II

I'm back with more thoughts on this vast topic! As discussed in Measured and Immeasurability Part I, birth, death, and human life may be measured in many ways. The paradox is that ultimately, all are immeasurable. Even stillborn children or babies who live only a few hours, days, months, or years, have a lifetime of … Continue reading Measured and Immeasurablity Part II

Measured and Immeasurability Part I

Welcome back to Bower Corner. My last few weeks have been quite an emotional ride, which has led me to think a lot about the dichotomy of living in a world, or even universe, of precise measured-ness (if that is a word), and immeasurable-ness, which would be too large, extensive, or extreme to measure. One … Continue reading Measured and Immeasurability Part I

Bower Corner’s Birthday Launch

August 9, 2018 Welcome to Bower Corner! I launch this blog on my birthday, excited about a new beginning. People are one of my favorite passions. We’ve entertained guests in our home for over 34 years. I've enjoyed six years of writing columns and blogging seems the next natural step to sharing and caring as … Continue reading Bower Corner’s Birthday Launch