An Easter Parable of Dusty the Cat

Dusty the Cat straggled into my dad’s life unexpectedly. He looked to be at death’s door.  A filthy coat of long matted blond hair hung on his boney frame and dull eyes peered from his sad face. Dad decided to keep Dusty and make him a shop cat if he lived. Little by little, with … Continue reading An Easter Parable of Dusty the Cat

A Bower Chocolate Walk (or Waddle)

Doesn’t a chocolate walk sound like the perfect setting for a holiday romance movie? That might be the case in Hallmark Land. Can’t you just imagine the colorful booths, carols piped over speakers, awkward quilt batting snow, a cozy sleigh ride, and of course a Christmas tree lighting ceremony next to an outdoor skating rink … Continue reading A Bower Chocolate Walk (or Waddle)