Grape Vines and their Good Friday Message

April 12, 2020   Easter Sunday Right now it is a Joyous Easter Morn! Halleluiah Christ is Risen! On Good Friday I was cleaning up the final grapevine clippings that Emily and I had thinned out the day before. Pushing one overloaded wheelbarrow of long unwieldy vines after another, I trudged back and forth from our … Continue reading Grape Vines and their Good Friday Message

Bower Corner’s Birthday Launch

August 9, 2018 Welcome to Bower Corner! I launch this blog on my birthday, excited about a new beginning. People are one of my favorite passions. We’ve entertained guests in our home for over 34 years. I've enjoyed six years of writing columns and blogging seems the next natural step to sharing and caring as … Continue reading Bower Corner’s Birthday Launch