By Cindy Bower

After a relaxing Christmas break, I plunged into 2023 with a huge case of App-ophobia! Oh My!  As a returning member of the Music Teacher’s group I quickly learned the Slack App was our modem of communicate. In a month of errors and troubles I’d never heard of, I think I’m on the cusp of being able to get an invitation now. Yippee!

A Wednesday evening class requires WhatsApp, which I didn’t realize I already had until my daughter, Betsy, came over and discovered it right there on my phone. Oddly, it had a list of communications I didn’t remember I’d even had. It was still several days of texting the group leader for us to jive on whatever needed to happen so I could “join” our first class in the nick of time.  

Then, a new Apple watch, still in the box after over a month, finally was opened. I wasn’t even sure I wanted that Black Friday special but decided to check it out. First — press a button to turn it on – which button? Well it didn’t turn on with either one. I kept rereading scantily printed directions, going online, looking for solutions, and trying everything including charging it although it wasn’t supposed to need charged. So, the little charging pad connector was weird and I eventually found a charger with a tiny USB C port in my house. Alas, nothing. I went to bed thinking maybe everything would be better in the morning …

Next morning still no luck. I left for work baffled and disappointed. During a tiny break, I tried to get that music teachers app on my phone but still no luck at that point.

Thankfully, after work Betsy checked out the discouraging watch situation. Lo and behold she had the magic touch (once she took it away from my fumbling hands). I guess the plug I used didn’t work. When she pushed it into my MacBook (which I didn’t know had that kind of port) the watch began charging! Voila.

After dinner I was on it! Setting up the watch to my phone which had to be done. The health app was supposed to be hooking to my medical records. Hmm, not much there considering I’m not a frequent flyer at doctor offices and don’t even know that I want medical records on my phone. Good thing since I was detoured and taken through deep levels of security on my medical office’s’ website until I gave up. Definitely not worth the trouble, and kind of creepy. Oh my, if that wasn’t a crazy waste of time.   

Or so it seemed. The great thing I discovered when setting up the health app was it told me how much I weighed. Hmmm — it was insultingly behind the times. I quickly subtracted 5 pounds and pushed save! The one and only App interaction I absolutely feel fine about.

P.S. In spite of my recent App-ophobia, I still look forward to this – “Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40.

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